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Dear Smoker:

First, let me say that I know how you feel.  You've been smoking for quite a while now and you know that you need to quit.  When you try, you find it's much more difficult than you ever imagined. 

People who smoke can give you a hundred reasons why they smoke and a hundred more why they should quit.  So why are there still so many people lighting up?  It's simple, really. Nicotine is an addiction, just as powerful as the worst narcotics  In fact, nicotine is so bad that former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop released a study showing that nicotine a drug at least as addictive as heroin, and if it were to be released today nicotine would be classed as a class C narcotic, the same as heroin or cocaine. When you take a drag on a cigarette, hundreds of chemicals are introduced into your body.  The most addictive of those chemicals is nicotine.

So, now you know that nicotine is a drug just like cocaine, marijuana, and heroin, and that's why it's so darn hard to quit.  When your body is used to having that drug in its system, deprivation can cause some real problems. It's not just a psychological dependence, it's a physical addiction.   Those problems keep you from quitting completely and getting on with a healthier lifestyle.

Some Say There's No Hope, But I Know There Is!

That's because I found this amazing book, "Stop Smoking, Kick The Habit Now!"  I got so excited about it's amazing advice that I just had to share it with YOU!

Smoking kills ! It's a fact. A 2000 study by the Center for Disease Control listed Tobacco as the leading preventable cause of death in the U.S. Tobacco usage is responsible for over 18% of all deaths in the U.S. every year.  That's not all. You're not the only one at risk from your smoking habit. Hundreds of thousands of people get sick every year because of smoking - either directly or indirectly. 
Thousands of children suffer the effects of secondhand smoke from their parents or caregivers. If you're smoking, some of those at risk from second hand smoke could be your loved ones.   But I don't have to tell you that.  You already know.  That's why you're reading this letter!

Consider the horrifying statistics:

  • 1 out of every 5 deaths in the United States every year can be directly linked to smoking

  • Did you know that an in depth health study of over 100,000 (that's right, over 100,000!) nurses by no less than Harvard University found that quitting smoking has dramatic effects on your health? In fact, it boggles the mind just how much your health can improve by quitting smoking, and how fast it can improve.

    You probably thought that you've ruined your health forever by smoking, so maybe quitting wouldn't really be worth it. But it would be worth it, because you can get your health back if you quit smoking, and faster than you thought possible, too. Harvard researchers discovered that women who stopped smoking were rewarded with a 47% reduction in death from heart disease and a 21% reduction in death from lung cancer in only 5 years! That means quitting now will pay big health dividends in just a few short years.

  • That's right, quitting smoking will give you great health benefits, and fast! Even more promising is that the study revealed that 30 years after quitting their cigarette habit, subjects had virtually the same risk of dying from heart disease and lung cancer as non-smokers. That means that even if you�ve smoked for a long period of time, it's never too late to quit. So, there goes another one of your excuses!

  • Smoking reduces life expectancy by 7 to 8 years

  • Secondhand smoke has caused millions of deaths.

  • Cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemical compounds and 400 of those are toxic

You are introducing dangerous substances into your body every time you take a puff.  Smoking is a huge health risk. There's no denying that!  So why are there so many smokers?  The reasons are many:

  • I'm stressed out

  • I don't want to gain weight if I quit

  • I'm too addicted

  • I've smoked for years - why stop now?

    Well, remember the Harvard University study? It's never too late to quit!

These are only excuses, though.  They are words that smokers say so that they don't have to deal with the reality and hardship of quitting.  And quitting is hard, there's no doubt about it, but it doesn't have to be as hard!

Begin The Process Now! Start Down The
Road Toward Being Smoke Free!

The reality is that you will begin to realize immediate effects when you decide to put down your smokes.  It's true!  Your body begins to heal after just a few hours of being smoke free.

I'm not going to lie to you. Becoming completely smoke-free takes time and a lot of commitment, but once you know how to approach the process, it definitely gets easier. 

Now, I'm not telling you I'll be able to completely take away your cravings for cigarettes.  That depends on you.  What I can do with this book is show you how to make those cravings less intense, and show you just what to do when you get them.

I can't give you a magic pill that will make cigarettes repulsive to you.  But I can show you ways that make quitting easier.  You see, ultimately, it all has to be up to you.  You have to have that desire inside you to put down the cigarettes and live a smoke-free life. You know that I can't take the cigarettes out of your hand, don't you? It would foolish of me to say otherwise, but what I can do is help you really want put them down, and better yet, never want to pick them up again, and know you can actually do just that!

Smoke-Free Means Stress Free - Eventually! (but not if you never get started)

Most smokers report that it takes forever to get to the point where they finally realized it was time to quit smoking.  You know the symptoms; you've suffered from a chronic cough, breathing problems, and social shunning - all because of smoking.  You've finally reached the point where you know you have to quit ; and soon!

Do you smoke 2, maybe even 3 packs a day?  Many smokers report they've felt horrible both emotionally and physically, fr a long time because of their smoking. Do you feel this way?  Does the following describe you?  "I had tried at least 10 different times over the course of that 15 years to quit, but could only make it a few weeks before I found myself lighting up again."?

From the first moment I read "Stop Smoking, Kick The Habit Now", I knew I had found all the information I would need to help you become a successful non-smoker, just like you want to be.

You see, smoking becomes a lifestyle and any fundamental change like that is terribly scary.  When you're used to being one type of person, doing a complete 180 degree turn into another type of person is daunting and it's easy to lose sight of that.  However, you're much stronger than you realize. You can beat the demon cigarette and become a non-smoker once and for all!

How does simple book do that?  Here's a little look at only some of what you will discover inside these pages:

  • Setting a date to quit

  • How to get support from friends and family

  • How you can quit cold turkey

  • What to do when you're around people who still smoke

  • How to react if you relapse

  • Resources to find support

  • And much more!

You see, when you decide to stop smoking, the biggest hindrance is confidence.  You don't think you can do it.  You don't see how you can ever get rid of your addiction.  What you need in these situations is support and confirmation that what you're doing is definitely the right thing.   

This book gives you tons and tons of reasons why you should quit smoking.  It also gives the characteristics of successful quitters so you can begin to model yourself after them. That's huge, because it's so much easier to follow in someone else's footsteps, than to blaze a trail by yourself.  Plus, you get a whole list of motivational quotes to keep you from starting up again.

Think about how much money you spend every week on cigarettes.  I know, for many people, it is well over $50.  In one week, you can spend over $50 (and the price of cigarettes keeps going up)feeding a habit that did nothing but leads to deteriorating your health and makes your clothes, car, and home stink.  Maybe you used to joke that someone had to keep the convenience stores in business, but the reality is that you're ashamed.  $50 could go a long way at my house, and I'm sure it could at yours too.

With gas reaching $4.00 a gallon, and food prices spiraling out of control, there are other things to spend your money on.  How many people can afford to set a $50 bill (or more) on fire each and every week?

It's Time To Stop throwing your money away on cigarettes! Think about this. If instead of spending $50 a week on cigarettes, you invested that money, do you know you could retire with a huge stack of money? Would you like that? I thought so. Here are the astonishing numbers on just how much money quitting smoking could mean to you, just in case you were curious.

Let's say instead of smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day, you invested the money and got only an 8% return. If cigarettes are $5.50 a pack, that's $11.00 a day you're spending on smokes. But wait! It gets better. You spend that $11 on cigarettes 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so it really adds up in a hurry. 365 days x $11 = $4,105 you're wasting on cigarettes each and every year! Wouldn't you really like to do something else with that money?

If you're 30 years old now and invested your savings from quitting smoking at only 8% (Easy, your 401k, IRA, or pension plan is probably doing way better than that), by the time you are 65 years old you would have over half a million dollars, just because you quit smoking! Actually, you'd have $567,523, and that doesn't take into account inflation. Remember, cigarettes are only going to get more expensive, and because of the way society looks at smoking these days, taxes will probably rise even more too. If someone offered you a half a million dollars to quit smoking, do you think you'd take them up on it? I bet you would!

There are so many products on the market right now that promise to help you stop smoking.  They're called Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), and they exist in the form of patches, gums, lozenges, and even nose sprays.  Some of these methods just might work for you.  But, some of them might not work and then you're out the money you spent on them. Some of these 'cures' are pretty expensive, too. And did you know that, if they contain nicotine, they're not getting rid of your addiction, just moving it to a different form! Why would you want to do that? Especially when you don't have to.

When you order "Stop Smoking, Kick The Habit Now", you won't have to worry about wasted money.  If you go to a discount store and buy a stop smoking patch kit, you'll pay about $60 depending on where you live.  You can order "Stop Smoking" right now for just CURRENTLY UN_A-V-A-I-L-A-B-L-E.  That's a pretty tiny investment to make for your health and the health of those around you, don't you think? You'll spend more than that on cigarettes in the next couple of days, won't you? Why not just get some of those patches or gum?

Well, if those patches you buy at the discount store don't work, do you think you can take the empty box back to them and get your money back?  Let me tell you right now, that won't happen!  But I can guarantee that with this book, you can get your money back! That's right, there's a 90-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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  • One of the most common problems people fear when the stop smoking is a tendency to gain weight.
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  • crazy diets
  • taking pills or supplements
  • spending hours in the gym (you can avoid exercise altogether if you'd like, although just specific, moderate exercises will kick the program into overdrive, and multiply your fat loss)
  • . You can just watch the fat melt away, and be rewarded with a healthier body that looks great, and feels even better. Everyone will notice the new you, and the only downside is that you'll have to spring for new clothes!

    In your special, free bonus you'll also learn:

  • The 10 foods that you can eat just about as much of as you want to. Don't worry, they almost can't make you fat!
  • The one key that will literally force your body to burn fat; Even While You're Asleep! It works so well, you won't be able to stop it, even if you wanted to.
  • Why so many people are going about losing fat the absolute wrong way, and how you can avoid their fate.
  • Why spending hours running or working grueling hours on the treadmill is NOT the best way to burn fat - and more importantly, what IS!
  • You'll get all that and more as part of your free bonus when you get "Stop Smoking - Kick the Habit Now"

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    Maybe you picked up your first cigarette when you were 19.  Wouldn't you like to finally put it down?.  How much are you going to spend on cigarettes tomorrow? How about the next day, and the day after that? Wouldn't it make more sense to invest only $14.77 on your health and your life instead? Instead of 3 packs of cigarettes you'll be buying your life back..

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    And with a guarantee that we can show you what experts, professionals, and everyday people, just like you, have to tell you about how you can successfully quit smoking and breathe easier.  It takes just moments to make a lifetime of difference!

    And by the way, I guarantee you'll love joining the quitters club!  Here's to your success in becoming a non-smoker.  Join our ranks!  They're pretty darn good people!

    Happy Quitting!

    You Can Do It!

    P.S.  Rest easy that when you order "Stop Smoking, Kick The Habit Now" from me, you will be doing so without worry.  I value this product so very much that you have 90 days to use it before you decide if it's what I say it is.  If you're not satisfied, just let me know and you'll get all of your money back - 100 percent

    Try to find a guarantee like that with over the counter products.  I'm offering it to you right here, right now.  There's nothing to lose, and your life to gain!  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones!  We're in this together, and we'll prove it with this book!